Volunteering Opportunities

How to sign up

Step one:

Look at the decision tree to see where you may fit in.

Step two:

Look at the volunteer task descriptions for more detail.

Step three:

Fill in our expression of interest form with as much detail as possible; or speak with a member of staff and they can take your details.

Step four: 

Wait on us to contact you.

We are currently developing our volunteer scheme and pulling together policies and procedures including an induction pack.
One of our first steps is to get a larger body of volunteers that would like to help us!
Please note that by filling in an expression of interest form you are consenting to the cinema holding your data for the purposes of contacting you for cinema business. We will not share your data with any third party. You can withdraw your consent at any time.
We will contact you in the next few weeks to discuss with you where you may best fit in our team.
We look forward to welcoming you in whatever capacity or amount of time you can offer.



1. Being an Usher:

Responsibilities include checking tickets (including age restrictions); showing customers to their seats in person or by using the plan outside the screen; a rough clean up of larger items at the end of the film. We may ask you to sell ice cream, particularly during theatre events. We also need ushers to sit in during the film, so that we can keep an eye on the audience and ensure its an enjoyable experience for everyone. We would expect you to be courteous/polite/friendly and able to make conversation across generations. Over time and with training as appropriate we would hope that you would develop a good knowledge of the building and seating layout; gain confidence in promoting current and upcoming films and be able to promote notion of the cinema as a charity.

2. Being a village volunteer:

 Responsibilities include checking your email every week for the cinema listing; printing it out and displaying it in your local venue--shop, village hall, local noticeboard, you will know best.

We would expect you to be reliable and courteous/polite/friendly with anyone you meet while out on cinema business. It would be great if you could also keep your eye out for local events and make our marketing information available in your area.

3. Being a town crier:

Responsibilities include walking round Oban with a list of venues and handing in our weekly cinema listings for display. We would expect you to be reliable and courteous/polite/friendly with anyone you meet while out on cinema business.

4. Initiate a car share scheme in your neighbourhood: 

If you have a car and are independent, proactive, fairly organised and like people, then this may be the role for you! This idea comes from our community survey where some customers expressed travel (lack of public transport) as a barrier to coming along to the cinema.

For insurance purposes this would have to be run on a purely individual basis, ie a neighbour picking up a friend.

5. Help to promote the cinema on social media: 

Responsibilities include posting information on your local social media pages or promoting amongst your own community of friends using a variety of social media platforms. You could work independently or as part of our marketing team. We would expect you to be enthusiastic about the cinema experience and able to be objective and articulate.

6. Create film reviews:

Responsibilities include watching movies as required (dependent on your availability!) prior to our cinema showing it and creating a review using media of your choice. We would expect you to be enthusiastic about the cinema experience and able to be objective and articulate. We would assume reviews would be non-confrontational…honest but not nasty!

7. Help with organisational tasks:

Responsibilities include helping with stock takes or filling up when stock is delivered; or helping with filing or other administrative tasks. We would expect you to be organised, have an attention to detail and be available for some time during the day. This could be a physically demanding job lifting boxes but can also be designed to be less physically taxing.

8. Help with practical tasks: 

Responsibilities could include anything from being part of a painting crew to a little bit of carpentry to helping with recycling or tidying up garden area. You could be someone who can paint or someone who is happy to foot a ladder. You could have a good eye for making displays or be handy with a screwdriver or a dab hand with brasso and a duster. We would expect you to be able to work as part of a team, though there are also occasions where there are solo tasks.

9. Be a support volunteer: 

Responsibilities would include being aware on volunteer crew days of where support is needed…offering a helping hand or making a cup of tea. If baking is your thing, there is HUGE value in a homemade cake to cheer on the spirits of a painting crew! Or to keep people sweet at the AGM.

10. Be a fundraiser: 

If your skills include being organised, and able to work in a team and you are enthusiastic about the cinema and pro-active then you could organise or help to organise fundraising events.

11. Become a director: 

Our volunteer board of directors meets once a month and is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the charity and its financial management. If you are interested in this area, we would invite you to speak with one of the current board members.

Expression of interest form

Download the expression of interest form Here and email, post, or drop it off to us using the address below :) 

Get in touch!

Telephone: 01631 562905
Email: cinema@obanphoenix.com
Address: 140 George Street, Oban Argyll PA34 5NX - FAO Duty Manager.