From 24th January 2022 cinemas are no longer required to implement social-distancing in screenings. 
We have decided to not implement these social distacning rules, we will of course continue to seat people apart where possible. 
Showings can vary, if you are hesitant about returning to the cinema why not try one of our Weekday Matinees which run Wednesday-Friday. Usually a 12:30 screening and very quiet making it a good opportunity to see the latest films which keeping your distance from others. 

The Box Office is open for in-person and telephone bookings 30 minutes before the first advertised screening of the day. The Box Office is closed Mon-Tue, so if you call and don't get an answer, we're not ignoring you!

Do you need a covid passport to come to the cinema? The answer is NO. The Scottish Government have not asked cinemas to do this.