Exciting things are happening!

Soon we'll be announcing two projects/festivals that will begin at the end of October! 
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We're Open!

We are so happy to be back and we know many of you have already visited to say hello or to watch a film, thank you!

If you're planning a trip to the cinema, please visit our Covid-19 page to learn all about what we're doing to ensure you enjoy a safer big screen experience. We advise that you book ahead, as seats are limited due to social distancing. We have kept a 3 seat gap between bookings, so if you are booking with friends or family who are in your bubble, make sure to book them all at once. We cannot add tickets to a booking once it has been booked due to the new 3 seat rule. We have also left every other row empty.
Face coverings
These must be worn when entering and moving around the cinema. Once seated, these can be removed to have food and drink. Those who are exempt, and under 5s do not need to wear a mask.
There is a Test & Protect book at the ticket/concessions desk.