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Oban Phoenix Cinema

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Our story...

A small town on the beautiful West Coast of Scotland, Oban has been lucky in years gone by to have two cinemas! The turn of the 21st century found Oban with just one, which had served the town well on its own for many decades. However, in 2010 it sadly closed its doors for the last time, and the people of Oban were suddenly confronted with having to drive for 100 miles to reach the nearest cinema!

A small group of dedicated local individuals worked hard to remedy this situation, and community support was huge. The idea arose to collectively buy the old cinema building, which, with the help of generous donations from local and interested parties, was managed, and work began to raise funds to get the cinema open as a community enterprise.

In August 2012 Oban Phoenix Cinema opened its doors as an independent community-owned cinema, one of very few in the world! Since then we have not only managed to stay open but to thrive, and today we screen an eclectic mix of film including but not limited to arthouse, big blockbuster movies and live streamed theatre.

We have two screens - screen one is the main one and seats 148 people, screen two seats a cosy 22 people (this can also be hired out for private functions and parties!).

A registered charity, we are owned and run by the community, for the community. We receive little or no outside funding, so greatly appreciate any donations from the public. Currently we are fundraising to improve the look of the outside signage, smarten up the toilets, and fix the roof (which is quite old and in need of repair!).

Thank you for your continued support - we literally couldn’t do it without you!

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Saturday mornings we have Kids Club, which is usually a film rated U/PG/12A that is about to expire from our library, or a classic Children's movie - requests welcome. Tickets are just £3.00 each.

Sunday afternoons we have Silver Screen, which is exactly the same as Kids Club however films can vary from U/PG/12A/15/18 ratings. Tickets are just £3.00
Please check ahead and know the laws the BBFC have given cinemas in the UK.

Private Hires

We can host many different events, from birthday parties to conferences. In screen 1, we have a capacity of 148 seated. Screen 1 also has a stage for performances and presentations. If you have any specific lighting or audio requirements please let us know.

Screen 2 is usually where we have our birthday parties. We can show a film that is on our library, or a DVD of your choice. This screen can seat up to 22.
If you have any questions please email us at cinema@obanphoenix.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay by card online? I don't have/want a PayPal account.

Depending on the device you are using, once you get to the PayPal page there will be two options.

Login with PalPal or Pay By Card. On other devices it will show up with Login with PayPal, or Create an Account. It is a bit misleading, however when you click next you need to select the United Kingdom then once you have entered your details, at the bottom of the page it will show you the following options. Create an Account. No, I don't want an account. From there it will go through as a 'Guest' so you won't need to make an account.

I can't see what's on past Thursday!

Don't panic! We're not closed! We are only closed two days per year.

Our cinema week runs Friday to Thursday. We usually put the following weeks programme online the Monday before.

I've booked the wrong show/can't make it to the show

If you can't make a show, we do ask that you call, or visit us the day before. We can also swap your tickets to another show that day/week. Things can happen very suddenly so we do make exceptions. We cannot refund booking fees, unless we are unable to show the film in question.

"Should I book ahead?"
The answer is always YES. No matter if it's in screen 1 or 2, you should always book ahead. We do often have busy shows that are very unpredictable, this is why it is highly recommended that you book whether you're just down the street or coming from Fort William or further.  

Contact Us

We are located at 140 George Street, PA34 5NX

Phone 01631 562 905
Email cinema@obanphoenix.com

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Currently there is no parking allocated for the cinema, we can only recommend that you use the paid parking car parks near the Corran Halls, which is about a 5 minute walk from Oban Phoenix Cinema. If all other street parking is taken. 

Please find our Terms & Conditions here.