Oban Phoenix Cinema

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Why open a cinema?

There are lots of reasons why people are motivated to do things - re-opening the cinema in the middle of a recession when it had previously closed down was perhaps, in retrospect, is not the best idea the small band of instigators. 

The chairman back then, Mr Campbell Cameron didn't really believe in the words 'no' and 'can't' so he just ploughed on and didn't get drastracted in leading the group into building a small committee.
Long dark nights of filling out application forms and developing ideas finally ended with the opening of Oban Phoenix Cinema.

the Phoenix has now been running for five successful years since August 12. The first screening was Disney's Brave.

Over those years everyone and anyone involved with the cinema has been through and seen amazing changes in the way the building is used.

We have an East and a West Screen - one with 146 seats, and one with 22. 
In 2018 we are undertaking a major development programme.

Terms of Business

1. The following terms apply if the User purchases tickets for The Phoenix Cinema in Oban through Web Sites, Mobile Apps, Mobile Sites or any third party social media applications that The Phoenix Cinema in Oban has direct control of. 

2. Cinema tickets are sold by The Phoenix Cinema in Oban at the stated prices for the relevant performance. By requesting tickets through the Web Site, the User is placing a booking request for tickets on the Terms that is only deemed accepted by and binding on The Phoenix Cinema once it has processed valid payment and sent the User email confirmation of the User's booking.3. Currently, there is a booking fee of 50p per ticket payable in respect of tickets purchased via the Web Site. 

3. The email confirmation of a booking will set out the details of the cinema tickets purchased including the unique booking reference number ('booking reference'). Once this confirmation has been sent, the ticket price is non-refundable. The Phoenix Cinema in Oban is not responsible in the event that the User selects the wrong film when booking tickets via the Web Site, or if the User is excluded from viewing the film under the conditions below. 

4. The User can pick up his/her tickets immediately at The Phoenix Cinema in Oban following confirmation of his/her booking. 

5. Tickets can be collected at the Box Office. 

6. The User will need to present the debit/credit/charge card that he/she used to make a booking or the booking reference in order to collect the relevant tickets in-cinema. It is the Users responsibility to enter their correct email address during the booking process so that his/her booking confirmation number can be retrieved. 

7. Gift vouchers cannot be used to buy tickets online. 

8. To make any payment by credit/debit/charge card, the User must provide the cardholder's name and email address, the card number, the card security code, the card expiry date and (where applicable) the card start date and/or issue number. 

9. Transactions will appear on the cardholder's bank or card statement as a payment to Phoenix Cinema. 
10. For all concessions/student tickets, the User must bring proof of entitlement to the cinema as this may be required upon entry to the film or collection of tickets (where applicable). 

11. The Phoenix Cinema in Oban will endeavour to operate its cinemas in accordance with its advertised programme. However, there will be instances when its ability to show a performance is impaired by circumstances beyond its control. In such situations, The Phoenix Cinema in Oban reserves the right to cancel a performance, vary the time it shows it or provide customers with an alternative performance. If The Phoenix Cinema in Oban does have to cancel a performance, the User's sole remedy shall be a refund of the admission price paid for the relevant tickets, and no other costs. 

12. The Phoenix Cinema in Oban draws the User's attention to the conditions of the British Board of Film Classification certificate for the film being shown and is obliged to and will refuse admission to any person who, in the opinion of an authorised Phoenix Cinema employee or representative, is under the minimum age required for admittance. The Phoenix Cinema in Oban reserve the right to request any individual to provide proof of age and to exclude any such individual from any performance if they appear too young and/or cannot prove they are at least minimum age for admittance. 

13. In order for children under the age of 12 to be admitted after 7.00pm they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

We are located at 140 George Street, PA34 5NX

Phone 01631 562 905
Email cinema@obanphoenix.com

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Please find our Terms & Conditions here.